In figures just released last April 2015, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reveals that pay for maintenance jobs continues to go up, albeit at a smaller percentage than the previous year. Compared to our recent report on last year’s salaries, wages for the average worker went up by 0.13 percent to a mean […]

As with most careers, landing a facilities job in management requires that an applicant can prove that they will bring solid business worth, strong leadership, a long future, and a willingness to evolve along side this ever-growing industry. But how does one get started if they have never taken prior steps to work towards facilities management? […]

As a successful business owner, you’re really starting to see some return on all of your marketing efforts, but decided you need to concentrate more on how to use social media. You have used Facebook and Twitter on a limited basis with postings that were fairly basic, which gives your potential customers very little reason […]

 Nowadays, the savvy business owner is reaching beyond the traditional marketing approaches to promoting his business—local directories and print ads, for example—and turning to the digital offerings to help him stay competitive. Indeed, it’s all about aligning all of the choices and tailoring them for your business. Today, the small business must have a basic […]

Finding the right employees takes time, effort, and a keen sense. Oftentimes those who seem like they would fit in the best, simply do not. So how does a good facilities manager go about separating those who fit the bill from those who should move on?. It all begins with the interview. Here are 5 interview questions […]

Running and growing a small business takes dedication and consternation, where the growth from gnashing your teeth doesn’t just show up over night. It can be a process that takes many years of your time, effort, and resources. While this fact is obvious to some, many startups throw in the towel too soon. Our first […]

It can sometimes be tough in the world of small business, but one fact remains the same: without customers, business comes to a grinding halt. This can also be true when the world around us causes our ever-growing, and ever-changing, customer base to alter their demands due to a host of unmitigated and surprising reasons. […]

Without customers, small business will not function. It’s a simple (and scary) fact. Almost all small business runs on customers and needs them to thrive. So when they aren’t there, your morale and your bottom line suffer greatly. So if you’re in a slump this summer, there’s not need to worry. No one is stopping […]

As a small business owner, you know that running your business — all of the ins and outs — sits squarely on your shoulders. From the most important things, like staffing and worker’s comp, down to the smallest things, like buying pens and cleaning the bathroom.  But perhaps one of the greatest liabilities a small […]

Small business owners face untold challenges as they grow their operations. But none can be more anxiety-ridden when it comes to hiring those first few employees. For sure, Workers Comp and a Small Business hiring process can raise new concerns about compliance issues. Initially, owners may be puzzled over the issue of federal workmen’s comp and their […]

We hope everyone has a happy and safe Fourth of July! We cannot wait to spend the holiday with our Family and Friends. BBQ, Pool time, then enjoy the amazing  fireworks our small town puts on! What is your Fourth like? Enjoy & Be Safe! MyOpenJobs Staff 10Best: Fourth of July fireworks around the USA HVAC […]

Your team is one of a kind. And as time goes on, you learn to appreciate each person for what they bring to the table, the skills they offer, their individual strengths and their weaknesses. You probably even celebrate birthdays. But as you know, no one individual will stay at a facilities job forever. The […]

Just as Mike Rowe from televisions Dirty Jobs said many times, “It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.” The same can be said for custodians and janitors. Custodians, janitors, and cleaning personnel are an integral part of any facility. They clean up every mess imaginable, keep things in order, stock and manage all […]

The last thing you need is a disgruntled customer looking to disparage your name online. A situation that can be especially taxing if they never gave you a chance to explain why they might of had a bad experience in the first place. Which never allows you the opportunity to make it right for them. […]

It’s good to learn by examples, especially from award-winning examples that just happen to change the way a company operates its maintenance departments. In a run up to this year’s North American Maintenance Excellence (NAME) Award, recently revisited previous winner, Frito Lay, and how the NAME award changed forever its facilities management operations. First of all, […]

The job market for general maintenance, as well as repair workers, appears to be on an upward swing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is giving it a ‘thumbs up’ with a growth projection of 8% to 14% during the period of 2012 to 2022. Skilled workers with ‘green’ training… One of the reasons for […]

As if running a small business wasn’t stress enough, in order to attract customers and retain them you also have to find a way to fund your marketing strategy. But advertising can come come with a huge cost association, so what options are there? You’d be surprised the things you can accomplish on a small […]

Today’s facilities management roles are relying more and more on technology to help them monitor everything for parts inventory to the projected life cycles of certain components and equipment. Gone are the days when maintenance personnel conducted simply visual and auditory tests around equipment: Sensors are being used more and more, for example, to monitor installations. […]

The landscape of facilities management is ever-changing. And how one gets a job in FM is no different. What was once reserved for those moving up the ranks from technician or mechanic on to manager, or being switched from a different department, has evolved into a third option: getting a degree in facilities management. More […]

Today’s facilities management requires a new look at the total makeup of the key players, from maintenance personnel and managers to techs and supervisors. Moreover, and given the role that technology plays in overseeing systems and plant assets, it’s important to recognize the shift now to a need for better communications; this, to ward off scenarios where […]

Keeping your maintenance staff happy is no simple task. But doing so can really boost morale, all the while increasing effectiveness and productivity. On the other hand, an employee who feels undervalued, overwhelmed, and and unhappy can be a huge drag on you and your staff. Here are 5 methods to keep your staff happy and […]

Bad customer Reviews?  There’s a lot of it in today’s world.  So many people have something negative to say.  Companies can’t seem to get their opinions out because they’re being overshadowed by these reviews.  It’s hard to erase, ignore and correct every negative review out there.  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Give those […]

Steps for Growing your Business include how to hire the first employee: You’ve cut your teeth on trying new things, like stepping up to start your business when other would-be entrepreneurs were holding back. Now, you’re looking forward to taking your new idea to the marketplace; and, in the not too distant future, you know you’ll need […]

Today’s building operations demands are not only focused on the routine maintenance and repair schedules, but can also touch on predictive maintenance. More and more, facility operators are seeing how analytics are helping to keep buildings energy-efficient, or provide schedules for parts replacements and predict problem areas. For example, when it comes to tracking the equipment, […]

They are often referred to as ‘independent contractors’ or workers, as they’ve chosen to seek something better in life by  starting their own business: either by necessity, or following their dream idea for a product or service. Certainly, what characterizes this group is their independence as they set their own hours, and maybe their own […]

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is key component in today’s building operations. However, the process can become a cumbersome and inefficient, particularly if the company’s fixed assets are not being properly monitored and disposed of effectively. Life cycles of equipment and apparatus, for example, are important to maintaining proper inventory control and replacement schedules; hence, predictive and  preventive […]

As a successful business, you’ve always counted on Small Business Resources to help you grow your business. In fact, you recently parlayed some earnings into a small rental and discovered that the IRS came out with a new ruling that’s favorable to a mom-and-pop rental owner like yourself. Before the IRS gave us their 1986 ruling limiting […]

New HVAC Standard Procedures for Maintenance: A building’s air quality standard is linked closely to a facility’s HVAC system to ensure that cross-contamination of indoor air, for example, is kept to a minimum. For sure, the focal point for facility managers is making sure that HVAC units provide, at the least, follow a  minimum air […]

With so many people taking to the Internet to discover the good, the bad, and the ugly before they do most things, having and maintaining a good reputation is important to the success of your business. And because websites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and even your own social media pages are easy to find and […]

If you are newly on the job market, or are trying to find new work, it’s important that once you get your foot in the door, and get that all important interview, that you ace it when the time comes. Here are 5 tips for landing a facilities job in maintenance. Getting Noticed Perhaps even more difficult […]

What’s Valentine’s Day without a gift? Everyone likes to feel loved, and there’s no better time to say “I love you” than on Valentine’s Day. So whether you love or hate the day based on selflessness and compassion, here are some great gift ideas for singles, couples and everyone in between. Subscription Boxes For men: The gift […]

You started a small business for a variety of reasons: you wanted to be your own boss, you get to finally do what you are interested in or excel at, you can work from anywhere, and so on. What you probably didn’t do it for was to work more hours, but the reality is running […]

The information that flows into and out of a company can typically include employee Social Security numbers, supplier contracts, and customer financial accounts. If these facts and figures fall into the wrong hands, it could jeopardize the company’s survival and ruin the credit of customers. The primary responsibility for protecting this information falls to administrative […]

Recruiting is one of those tasks that can be both unrewarding and rewarding at the same time. Because while on one hand it is a necessary evil that sometimes yields nothing, on the other hand finding a promising candidate can help you to solidify your efforts. And really, the most qualified workers are the ones […]

Ever heard the saying “Employees don’t work hard because they’re happy. They’re happy because they’re working hard”? Because in most work environments, small business owners, bosses and team leaders understand that, theoretically, a happy employee is a productive employee. But a recent study found that things that make employees happy, don’t necessarily lead to more […]

As a forward-thinking business owner, you know the importance of blogging as a small business resource. It’s an excellent way of keeping in touch with customers and getting feedback. But you’re just not quite sure if you can devote the time and effort so that it becomes an effective marketing strategy. You can find out […]

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) can become a cumbersome and inefficient process, particularly if the company’s fixed assets are not being properly monitored and disposed of effectively. Life cycles of equipment and apparatus are the backbone of any building operations, and a key component to maintaining proper inventory control and replacement schedules; hence, predictive and preventive maintenance […]

You have two main objective in mind after maintenance hiring. You want the new employee to contribute to the company as soon as possible. And you want him to stick around long enough to make your efforts in hiring, interviewing, and investigating him worthwhile. If you want your new employee to be glad he’s working […]

Christmas is everyone’s favorite time of year. The family, the gifts, the gatherings, the food (the time off of work!). But did you know that the current incarnation of Santa Claus was only adopted in the 19th century? Even though the jolly, fat man has been around since the Middle Ages, it was the red suit […]

What would Christmas be without the songs and movies that help shape the season? Imagine cozying up on the couch and not having A Christmas Story or It’s a Wonderful Life to watch and get you into the spirit, or turning on some music and having Frosty or Rudolph absent. Sure, by the end we […]

We all celebrate Christmas in different ways. Some people open presents on Christmas Eve, while other wait until the morning of Christmas Day. Some people eat ham and turkey, while others prefer Italian food or pizza. But did you know that in Australia they oftentimes celebrate Christmas on the beach because December in Australia is […]

Blogging boasts many advantages in marketing for your small business. It costs nothing but time if you already have an Internet connection. Posting blog entries on other people’s websites exposes a new audience to your business. Confining your writing to your own web pages engages your current customers with your product and services. To use […]

Everyone in a leadership role has experienced the difficulty of finding and hiring good employees. And even if you do find qualified individuals, all good managers want to make their team better, work smoother, and craft a solid and efficient work environment. After all, with a more qualified team, you’ll be saving time, and reaching […]

Let’s face it. Running your own business is an exciting venture, not to mention demanding and all the other adjectives that define the entrepreneur’s start up. It’s not uncommon for a business owner to start thinking about expansion when things are really going well and the customer base keeps expanding. But such a growth period […]

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather, give thanks and usually eat too much (only once a year, right!). The annual holiday brings with it a sense of happiness and is, of course, the last big holiday before Christmas. But did you know it wasn’t a holiday until almost a 250 years […]

Today, any plant maintenance supervisor, or skilled technician, can’t help but be excited if their facility uses a computer maintenance management system (CMMS). Overall, the data helps the facilities management team perform their tasks more effectively. For example, certain machinery or components can be monitored for scheduled maintenance alerts, providing in depth status reports to help calculate costs […]

What’s New in Facility Maintenance?  Today, more and more companies are focusing on sustainable strategies in hopes of reducing costs to remaining competitive. More over, building owners, supervisors and managers are looking closely at ways to manage the day-to-day aspects of their operations, including simple ways for occupants to manipulate certain control centers to maximize energy […]

Halloween is traditionally celebrated on October 31st each year. But because of it falling on different days throughout the week, often the night trick-or-treat is celebrated changes year to year. Modern day trick-or-treating was created in the ’50s, and hasn’t changed much since then. Here is a fun Halloween post full of quick facts to share […]

When it comes to healthcare & small business, it’s probably no surprise, but self-employed people, who do not have employees, are categorized as independent contractors. This means they need to buy their insurance as though it is for an individual. According to a recent report by the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute’s Center on Health […]

Now that you’ve started your small business, and launched that website, you’re hoping to draw a lot of visitors to your blog. But after the first week-or-so you’re disappointed in the traffic: it seems as though the number of visitors to your site has dropped off dramatically, even though you posted an informational article on […]

It’s no surprise that facility maintenance jobs. for the most part, can be physically demanding; but they also may require certifications for overseeing certain equipment and apparatus. Thus, for maintenance workers it is not uncommon to expect additional training. especially if their goal is to strive for a facilities management position. Duties often include overseeing the […]

Info on Job Market For all Facility Maintenance opportunities points to key areas that include power generations, fuel production, construction and operations, according to a post on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) website and reflect the scenarios created by the Jobs and Economic Development Impact Models (JEDI). A lot of the research conducted by the […]

There is no better time than now for starting a career in facilities management. It’s a fast-growing, stable, and challenging line of work that offers plenty of success and reward for individuals who are looking to become managers. Moreover, because of great leaps and bounds in technology, many jobs are being created to foster the growing […]

When we last reported on the salaries of maintenance jobs about a year ago, the average building maintenance worker earned $25,670 a year, or $12.34 per hour. For 2014, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that these workers earn a mean $26,010, or $12.51 per hour, an increase of 1.3 percent. Behind the […]