Areas of growth in Facility Maintenance: Gartner points to ‘energy and utility’ sector

The question facing the energy and utilities sector as a one of the key areas of growth in Facility Maintenance, is framed not only by ongoing regulatory issues, but what role big data and predictive technology will play in delivering operational efficiency.

A recent Gartner study keys on 10 global trends sweeping through both the public and private sector with a definite nod to smart city technologies; this, after tackling “uncertain regulatory settings.”

In short, it’s all about supporting the “security of generation and delivery infrastructure,” as well as handling assets long-in-the-tooth in their life cycles.

Finding ways to reduce costs on maturing assets in the private sector will most definitely bode well for future cost projections. In short, both public and private concerns are scrutinizing just how technology “can reduce cost, drive efficiencies and enhance (the) competitive advantage.”

What’s more, when it comes to big data, it’s all about “smart grid development” that includes the latest in measuring and metric solutions to monitor a host of data:

“Smart grid development will increase data quantity by several orders of magnitude, driven by a host of edge devices (and) IT and OT applications (like) advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), synchrophasors…” to name a few.

Predictive analytics, notes Gartner, is yet another tool that will continue to offer a look into “rapid time” issues with equipment that ultimately will affect business decisions. The backbone of such methodology is the data that reveals patterns of equipment failure, as well as the ongoing load in specified regions or groups.

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