Attracting the Best Facilities and Maintenance Workers Starts with the Job Description

As the demand for facilities and maintenance workers grows by an estimated 11 percent in the coming years according to the U.S. Department of Labor, competition for the best employees will increase. The first step to attract the right employees is to post an accurate and appealing job description. According to Mashable, job postings often contain too much, or not enough, detail about the job and company.

Whether you’re looking to fill an entry-level general maintenance job, a skilled tradesman position, or a facility engineering manager, including the right amount of job description details — along with some information to convey a little something special about your company’s workplace culture – can draw in the best of candidates to join your company. Follow these tips to get started:

Draft the Basics

Job Title & Brief Summary: Create a job title using searchable keywords that fits the industry norm such as “Entry-level General Maintenance for Apartment Complex”. Consider “Entry-level General Maintenance for Upscale Apartment Complex” to convey the workplace setting. Then, include a short description of the job’s purpose and general responsibilities in one to three sentences.

Primary Responsibilities: List five to ten key responsibilities and begin each one with an action verb — “respond to tenant maintenance tickets” or “inspect and diagnose plumbing problems” for example.

Skills & Qualifications: Identify all mandatory certifications, licenses, training, education, and experience required. Include preferences.

Company Overview: Top candidates can be drawn to a particular company and job when its mission, goals, philosophy, and other related information is included.

Employment Type: Indicate whether the job is full-time or part-time and permanent or temporary. Include any benefits offered.

How to Apply: Provide contact information so that candidates can respond.

Polish with Character and Format

Finding the right balance between too much information and too vague can be tricky. Use clear language and keep it succinct. Bullet points make your job posting easier to skim. Communicate what’s uniquely special about working for your company by choosing words to evoke “I want to work there” feelings from the right candidates for the job.

Facility Agent is committed to helping your company find the best candidates to fill your maintenance and facility jobs. Contact us today to find out how you can take advantage of our knowledge and resources.


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