‘Big data’ drives building operations for higher efficiencies and lower costs.

The era of using Big Data for monitoring building operations is not a new concept: It’s in place for collecting information related to building environments. The end result is a more efficiently run facility with lower operational costs.

Today’s trend in manufacturing and industrial building monitoring, for example, is all about finding ways to remain competitive in the marketplace. More importantly, the expectations are for system architectures to respond quickly with the data they collect.

Knowing the performance in real-time of HVAC systems, as well as other power-consuming equipment, aids the automation process of control building atmospheres.

In a manufacturing setting the hourly interaction, for example, between its systems and the HVAC can bring “comfort energy demand” in line with the all the other building “assets.”

Trane Product Manager, Kurt Carpenter, offers this overview on the Consulting/Specifying/Engineering website:

“Production automation, energy metering, and climate control systems typically use different communication protocols. Bringing all of the systems together allows for more efficient use of both the manufacturing assets and comfort assets.”

  ‘Circuitries’ abound with microchips to handle sensors, analytics and diagnostics, making the control immediate versus one of delayed and manual overrides.

When it comes to the overall picture for Big Data in facilities management, the entire central network of status alarms, operations and diagnostics point to better control of maintenance issues, including asset lifecycle management.

As such, strong interest exits for building facilities around a central need for analytics building-wide—not just collecting data to be acted on at a later date.

Consequently, the key is integration of a building’s systems to capture and overview on the “critical power infrastructure.”

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