Challenges in Facilities Maintenance Recruiting

Facilities managers continue to have issues when trying to recruit and retain qualified maintenance staff. The challenges of facility maintenance recruiting include a low level in trade work, competition from other employers and finding the right person with the right education and skill set.

When it comes to finding the right person and the right skill set, a challenge that recruiters face is unqualified workers. There are workers who are valued as a specialized tradesmen (plumber, electrician), but in reality a great facilities/maintenance technician has the experience as a plumber, electrician and carpenter, etc. As some positions may require licenses, this does not mean that the worker has the necessary skills. Facility Agent focuses on recruiting workers who will not only have the skill set, but also show that they can troubleshoot, be efficient and effective and maintain a high quality of service.

Facility Agent helps facility managers to recruit, hire and retain the best qualified maintenance worker for their needs. Facility Agent seeks maintenance workers who are well-trained in all aspects of each field, who are dependable, show great social skills, excellent attendance and who also have the desired skills needed for each individual position.

For those seeking a facilities maintenance position, Facility Agent boasts a private members only site that allows each individual to search privately. Job seekers are protected by employers in regards that they do not have direct access to any profile and cannot search their system until their staff has submitted the job seekers information to them.

Facility Agent not only helps recruiters to find skilled workers but also aids job seekers in finding a job. Job seekers also have direct access to other job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages.

If you are a recruiter in need of finding that specialized facilities maintenance worker or are a job seeker needing assistance in a career, contact us to set up your account today.


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