Connecting Facility Agent to your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is easy!

falogoWe’re excited to announce that we’ve just completed our new functionality that allows employers to integrate Facility Agent or any of our other job boards with your existing ATS system, making it easy to post jobs.

Our new functionality allows our employers to post their jobs directly through any ATS system such as ADP, PeopleSoft, HR Smart, Taleo, Brassring, etc… without having to login to our website, eliminating the need to manually post jobs one at a time.

Rather than requiring ATS systems to format jobs according to our system requirements, our new functionality allows us to accept any job feed from any ATS system, in whatever standard format each system already supports. Through intuitive data mapping, we can quickly configure our system to work well with yours.

Since our site is very specific to the facilities and maintenance industry, defining all of the industry specific skills and jobs functions we require on each job can sometimes be very time consuming. That’s why we’ve built in the logic to learn your job requirements for positions that you post on a regular basis and automatically add the industry specific skills and job functions that are relevant…without any additional effort on your part.

For more information on sending your jobs directly to Facility Agent, please contact Dan Baker at or by phone at 1-800-396-4822 x218


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