Don’t Make These Mistakes When Finding A Good Facility Maintenance Employee

One of the most important jobs that any manager will perform is the hiring of new employees.  If the hiring process is well thought out and effective, you will be rewarded by increased performance and productivity across the board.  If not, the result could be a lot of wasted time taken in training the new employee, not to mention the possibility of unhappy or lost customers.

Many of the mistakes that are made during the hiring process are not at all intentional.  More often, the mistakes are the result of a poor (or non-existent) hiring strategy.  Without such a strategy in place, there will be room for poor decision making.

Here are some things to think about that can help you recognize some of the more common errors made during the hiring process.

Judging On First Impression

We typically make decisions about others within the first few minutes of meeting them.  Unfortunately, many prospective employees have a very difficult time during pre-employment interviews.  Sometimes nervousness or fear can keep the candidate from properly expressing themselves. In this case, taking extra time to decide is the best course of action.  We don’t want to make a split-second decision based on feelings because they can often be an inaccurate indicator of the prospective employee’s actual abilities.

Vital Communication Skills

Without some training, the interviewer might not accurately interpret the candidate’s answers to questions.  Taking notes during the interview can help with their perspective later on because those notes are often more accurate than memories. Make performance expectations clear in the beginning so that the candidate can respond to questions with their job responsibilities in mind.  As an interviewer, it is very important that you don’t hear only what you want to hear.

“Gut Instinct” Is Not Reliable

Too often, hiring managers will make decisions based on a moment in time where they felt that the prospective employee was “just right” for the job. This type of decision does not take the place of a systematic hiring process designed to hire the best person for the job, regardless of personal feelings.  Don’t allow the process to be rushed or ignored because you might miss a sign that would stop you from hiring a certain candidate.

These methods of interviewing and hiring are inappropriate if you want to minimize risk.  A professionally designed, comprehensive plan in place for hiring will make the job of finding the right person for the job much easier and protect you from the possibility of making an error in judgment.

The hiring process is step one in finding a good Facility Maintenance employee so make sure you have the most accurate information available to you when making your final decision.  Facility Agent can take the guesswork out of the hiring process and help you make sure you hire just the right person for the job.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can go to work for you!


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