Facilities and maintenance management: Steps to achieve “maintenance excellence.”

Nowadays, facilities and maintenance management is becoming more and more about controlling plant assets through the collection and analysis of data to keep on top of equipment lifecycles while controlling expenses.

In the past, supervisors and plant managers relied on those ‘walk bys’ with an ear for odd vibrations or anything out of the ordinary—not a good way to maximize spare parts inventory, for one thing!

But a well-trained tech doesn’t have to be a degreed-engineer to perform his duties. More importantly, it’s about having the right skill level to deliver “maintenance excellence,” according to a post on PlantServices.com, “5 steps on the path to maintenance superiority.”

A summary of three of those aspects include:

It starts with the ‘Assessment’…

At issue is gathering all the data you can to establish a benchmark for your planned strategy. Key to this process is communicating with co-workers and other “stakeholders” (other techs, engineers, purchasing and finance, for example.)

To establish a non-biased assessment it may require bringing in a third party, even staff from another branch or perhaps a vendor.

It’s always about ‘Collaboration”…

Establish where you want to go with the information, and, again, make sure the stakeholders are supportive of your direction. Present the data and your plans for maintenance improvements…and get agreement on each step needed.

The overall ‘Project Plan’…

The backbone of the plan should consist of a number of “key milestones with specific objectives.” This might require a test plan before implementing the entire strategy—make sure the plans will “define” the expectations and final results.

Whether you’re looking for a position on the operational side of facilities management, or desire a career change, say, into management, contact us. Our database offers job seekers, and those looking to fill positions, a wide range of skilled and well-trained professionals.

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