Facilities and maintenance positions on the increase; top 5 careers point to facility management careers.

Over the past few years, it’s no surprise that businesses and organizations headed for the trenches to wait out the latest economic downturn.facility-maintenance-services

Today, “hope” springs forth as workers are re-entering the marketplace in what seems to be an improving economy with less and less risk for employers.

For sure, vulnerable spots persist across industries, even though the unemployment rate has seen signs of strengthening. What’s more, according to Norine Dagliano, an employment specialists in the Pennsylvania region of the country, the upward climb appears to be centered around temporary jobs, as well as those that may lead to full-time positions.

Furthermore, she notes an uptick in facilities and maintenance positions:

“…a surge of new clients who are working in construction trades as technical workers, building maintenance and engineers, and facilities managers.”

Today’s top 5 careers centered around facility management include a range of positions keyed to a technical background, such as:

Maintenance Managers

Overseeing all of a facilities assets—and performance—is the backbone of the highly functional manager: He or she is expected to be efficient in predicting “lifespan of assets” and how best to deploy staff, contractors and the equipment.

Engineers and Sustainability Managers

It’s an ongoing balancing act as companies try to meet ‘green building initiatives’ while continuing to operate at levels of cost efficiencies. Always, these key personnel are looking at ways to get the most out of a facility’s performance.

Looking to advance your career, or find that first-time position in facilities maintenance? Full-time, or part-time, our data bank can provide you with the latest in relevant positions that match your skill levels.

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