Facilities management: Consider “real-time sustainability” to decrease waste and maximize efficiencies.

Today, facilities management is not just about fixing what’s broken or anticipating when that next replacement cycle surfaces. More importantly, it’s all about reacting to “real-time” conditions that can “minimize waste and maximize efficiency,” according to a post on Sustainable Plant by Paul Studebaker, “Real-time Sustainability in Your Hands.”

For sure, “sustainability” is often an overused word in the industrial world as business reach for ways to lessen their commercial footprints, but Studebaker offers an all-inclusive definition when talking about   “real-time sustainable production” and facilities management.

“Plan your production for the optimal cost, the least emissions, the greatest marketability by choosing your materials and energy sources, aligning your supply chains and running the best mix of equipment at the right time to deliver products with the certified lowest environment footprint in the land. That’s real-time sustainable production.”

The best outcomes for facilities management happen when staff responds quickly to solve breakdowns, or unforeseen calamities. As an example:

“Make only the amount of compressed air or steam you really need, and find out right away if burner or motor efficiency slips or a leaking filter/regulator/lubricator or steam trap is causing waste. That’s real-time sustainable facilities management.”

Successful plant maintenance incorporates a type of holistic approach to monitoring and acting on a wide array of components affecting an organization, from employing the right technology in predictive maintenance programs to improving workplace safety and lowering insurance costs through high-levels of communications and training.

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