Facilities management relying more on ‘Computer Maintenance Management System’ (CMMS) software

The tasks facing today’s facilities management team is becoming more and more systems oriented, as special software, like CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) delivers increase operational efficiencies.

Maybe in the past it was fine for a  maintenance worker to complete numerous walk-thrus during his shift, jotting down unusual sounds and vibrations in the equipment room he was assigned to, or hand-record readouts from electronic apparatus.

Nowadays, sensors are use to monitor those vibrations, as well as other component activity. Consequently, it’s  necessary for skilled technicians to analyze plant-wide data as a part of on-going predictive maintenance programs used to track the life cycles of parts and equipment.

Status reports with details on maintenance activity is a big benefit of using CMMS software in a plant setting.

Monitoring ‘assets’…

One benefit of today’s CMMS software is the ability to not only track when a part must be replaced, but it also provides the opportunity to sell certain parts to help fund replacements.

Project management…

The need to track work orders and preventive maintenance programs is another reason companies rely on a CMMS platform. For example, tabulating equipment costs, and projecting future maintenance costs, enriches the cost-accounting process in formulating budgets.

The common modules in CMMS software generally provide the ability to product service request, work orders, parts inventory, labor assignment, vendor/contractor accounting, performance management and numerous reporting capabilities.

Vendor/Contractor relationships…

The ability to note past history and performance of vendors adds to the continuity of purchasing decisions; likewise, when the need for outsourcing arises, the CMMS software offers a method to keep up with any contracts let to subs outside the organization.

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  1. Thanks. This article is definitely a good read for me! Interesting and very CMMS informative.

  2. It is great, isn’t it? As soon as they learn, apply, and stick to the system, they should soon see how improved their operational is and how much they can save from a facility that runs as planned.

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