General Industry info/news for facility maintenance: Conveyor-line downtime ‘costs’ $14K a minute.

Most any General Industry info/news for facility maintenance might well mention the importance of predictive maintenance procedures.

Today, it’s no surprise that Predictive Maintenance (PdM) offer industry increased operational time, not to mention a rise in productivity; this, by lengthening the time periods between “failure and lifecycle.”

Case in point? Look at this manufacturing and distribution center, where there’s a heavy reliance on conveyor systems, savvy plant operators and maintenance personnel understand just how quickly downtime can add up:

“How to Maintain Your Conveyor System Like a Pro,” an article on the IMPO website, gives an example how one manufacturer reported a whopping $14,000 “in lost opportunities” for every minute of downtime, based on the number of cases stalled along the conveyor.

As such, the focus turns to “maintenance technicians” trained in PdM processes that ultimately keep the conveyors running at their topmost efficiency. Such monitoring reduces the costs of immediate shipments when parts fail, relying instead on the predictable sequence in the lifecycle of equipment.

One of the best and least-costly PdM techniques? A walk through the workplace is an obvious way to catch the little things with potential to mushroom into full-scale problems: Look for oil drippings, or shavings off of belts, and keep an ear open for “unusual noise” that might signal parts ready to fail.

Not only keeping the operational areas tidy, but rotating PM techs (quarterly) brings new eyes on those walks, and perspectives certain to benefit the overall maintenance procedures.

Regardless if you’re looking for a facility or maintenance spot to fill, be sure to contact us. We offer one of the industry’s most complete and active websites that’s ready to match your skills-to-experience with relevant job listings.


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