General Industry Info/News for Facility Maintenance

facilities-maintenance-parking-sign-k-5025You can always find some interesting news in the facility maintenance industry. For instance, this March 1, 2013 article by Robert Kravitz explores the ramifications of “re-shoring” on the industry. Kravitz cites a recent study by global management firm Accenture which found that “two-thirds of the U.S. manufacturing firms surveyed have moved their factories in the past two years, with the most popular destination being — and here’s the clincher — the United States.”

Possible causes of this relocation are rising gas prices (making transportation more expensive), quality control issues, the perception of disloyalty on the part of American companies that make products overseas, and tax penalties. In addition, the exposés of poor working conditions in manufacturing plants abroad have created public relations nightmares for the companies involved, particularly Nike and Apple.

With the re-shoring comes new opportunities for facility maintenance. Kravitz discusses in some detail the equipment necessary to clean the new flooring materials of vinyl composition tile and epoxy-coated floors. He also discusses green cleaning protocols and the necessity of written floor-care plans.

Another bit of news that indirectly affects facility management is this study by Sony and O2 which found that 75% of people use their mobile phones on the toilet. When the study revealed that 15% of those people admitted to dropping their phones into the toilet, the phone manufacturers began working on water-resistant models.

In our industry, this is just a reminder that, in the interest of public health, janitors and their supervisors have to step up to the challenge of keeping all areas scrupulously clean regardless of what gets dropped where.

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