Going Green with Your Building Facilities: Ways to Get Your Maintenance Crew Involved

greenbuildYour small business might want to think about going green with your building facilities to save you considerable money down the line. And when you do, you can utilize your facilities maintenance crew to be involved in many of those projects so there’s a true group effort behind it all. Once it’s done, your small business can enjoy a communal sense of cooperation and commitment to doing something responsible.

More Energy-Efficient Lighting

Your facility maintenance crew from the electrical side can install more energy-efficient lighting inside your small business. The most efficient would be LED bulbs that can potentially save you more than half on your energy bill. These can be installed both inside your facility and outside for the times when you’re all working late and have to leave in the dark.  

Don’t hesitate to watch your maintenance crew install the new lighting to ensure safety and to share in the experience of first turning the lights on.

More Efficient HVAC Systems

Your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems should also be checked by your maintenance crew to see how energy efficient they are. Have them check for refrigerant leaks and make sure that refrigerant is compliable with the proper specifications from the manufacturer.

In heating systems, checking the insulation around the pipes and ducts can also make a difference in how efficient it runs. The tubes in boilers and chillers can sometimes go out, and it’s worth checking them carefully to ensure you’re not losing money on your energy bill. Speaking of which, have your maintenance crew get involved in keeping record of utility payments so they can catch any discrepancies.

More Efficient Irrigation Systems

Most small businesses have to set up irrigation systems to keep plantings and the landscape around the facility looking good. But your irrigation system may not be as efficient as it should be. Have your outdoor maintenance crew set up a new drip irrigation system so there isn’t as much water use. Also, have them keep records to check your water usage for better water management.

Turning Off Things That Don’t Need to Stay On

Your indoor maintenance crew should set up a system so the lights in your business elevator (if you have one) turn off automatically after a certain amount of time. The same applies to the computers in your business during the overnight hours. Ultimately, your maintenance crew that works overnight can do this and make sure specific things aren’t on when they don’t have to be. This can also mean shutting off the LED lights, despite the savings when left on.

If you’re searching for just the right facilities maintenance worker who could help you go green, consider using Facility Agent as your leading online resource. Contact us and we’ll help you post your job and match it up with the best possible candidates based on their resumes. It’s the best way to help you find workers that fit perfectly into your company without you having to gamble.


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