Info on Job Market For All Facility Maintenance: A Fast-Growing Career for Coming Decade

Facility MaintenanceAll  info on the job market for facility maintenance seems to be very positive based on how much maintenance workers are needed. Public facilities would obviously start to deteriorate quickly without the valuable expertise of plumbers, electricians and general construction crew who work to keep the building structurally sound. If you’re interested in being a facility maintenance worker, take a look at some interesting job data so you can decide if it’s a perfect career for you.

Most Common Facility Maintenance Job

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, maintenance workers are employed the most in real estate or the rental industry. Those in the manufacturing and government sectors are second and third, respectively. And, overall, maintenance workers held over 1.3 million jobs as of the last report gathered by the BLS in 2010.

The BLS also points out that general maintenance can only go so far in fixing various problems. At times, no matter what facility a maintenance worker is employed in, that worker may have to call in a tradesman for more complex repair on plumbing or electrical systems.

General Education Required

Those applying for general facility maintenance need to have at least a high school education to even be considered. You don’t need a degree for this career, though you do need some basic training to learn general repair. This can be done by taking courses through a community college.

Also, certifications are very valuable. The Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals is a respected organization offering certification classes that can almost assure you a maintenance job.

Salary Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics last did a study on facility maintenance salaries in 2010. They discovered that the median salary was around $34,730 then. That seems to have held fairly steady, even though salaries can go as high as $56,000 depending on where you work. It’s a salary that looks appealing considering you don’t have to worry about obtaining a higher degree.

The Future Job Outlook

You might be surprised to learn that facility maintenance is on track to best just about any other career in growth. Over the next decade, this career will jump 11% in demand. That should give anyone who wants to do general repair in public facilities incentive to gain training now to take advantage of a robust market.

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