Maintenance hiring can save on subcontractor costs and increase staff productivity.

Keeping a facility clean, safe and operational is the backbone of any ongoing maintenance hiring program.

As such, a checklist posted on the Houston Chronicle website provides an overview for hiring managers and owners to consider as they prepare to fill their openings:

1. Do a survey to determine specific areas and categories of maintenance needed on a daily or monthly basis. Aside from the normal cleaning, shuffling and organizing of “office machine(s) or equipment repair,” what are your requirements for exterior upkeep and repairs?

2. Identify ‘light tasks’ and ask yourself if hiring additional help justifies the expense—anything less than two to three hours weekly. Other staff may be able to do the se tasks. Five and 20 hours a week: consider a part-time person. Anything over 20 hours a week? Definitely look at filling the spot with a full time maintenance employee.

3. Skilled versus unskilled help: Without a maintenance worker on staff, maybe your skilled employees are spending way too much time away from their initial job descriptions—that can prove costly in the long term.

4. Drill down on your service calls and other outsourcing you’ve initiated over the past few months. The costs may justify hiring a maintenance worker as outsourcing to subs may be more expensive—even if when paying benefits to your new hire.

5. How much are you losing in productivity when everything comes to a halt as you wait for a subcontractor to arrive? That’s a hidden cost that can be eliminated by having a maintenance worker on staff.

Contact us when you have a facility or maintenance position to fill; looking for a full time position with good benefits? Match your skills and experience with our job listings.


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