Mitigating the Challenges of The Economy and Facility Maintenance

There is no doubt we are still experiencing a very challenging financial environment keeping property and business owners on edge. Unfortunately, the economy and facility maintenance are very closely tied together so this continuing stagnation and downward trends put a huge strain on anyone in a position of responsibility for commercial buildings.

Building owners already know the huge downsides of deferring maintenance entirely. It is just not worth the risk especially when even the smallest updates help to ensure employee safety and comfort. Additionally, as buildings age their energy usage and costs increase creating an even heavier burden on expenses just as those need to be going down.

It is time to get creative to keep your business going in the short term and ready to thrive in the long term when the economy eventually bounces back.

Audit Critical Systems

A comprehensive building systems audit is the place to start. These are typically part of your service agreement and will tell you how well the building and systems are performing so that you can isolate areas of vulnerability.

Prioritize any areas of risk

The results of the audit, along with your knowledge of how the building is used and the daily needs of its occupants will help you identify the areas of risk that must be addressed first and which can be put off.  Components that can cause a total system failure need to take top priority.

Document your maintenance program

This may seem obvious, but it is a task that is often allowed to lapse that can mean the difference between long term efficient performance and systems failures:

  • Develop a master facility equipment list.
  • Reference manufacturer technical manuals and equipment operating histories to make a complete table of necessary maintenance activities.
  • Establish schedules using OEM input.
  • Conduct an energy audit to determine is systems are adequate for existing and future operations.
  • Prioritize needs based on audit results, facility requirements and strategic goals.
  • Identify internal tasks that  can be completed by maintenance personnel

Facility Agent is committed to helping your organization find the right people who  know how to handle facility maintenance in an uncertain economy.  To find out how you can take advantage of our knowledge and resources, contact us today.

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