Research points to a facilities-management trend focusing on ‘space management’ versus internal maintenance duties.

Businesses and organizations are influenced dramatically by their facilities management departments because, by its nature, that component is viewed as a key cost center.

In fact, within the category of “cleaning,” building owners and facilities managers claim it counts for an average of 30 to 40 percent of an entire facility’s budget, notes a post on the CMI website.

As such, the expenditures highlight the influence that cleaning wields on the overall condition of a building’s environment, as well as the ongoing health of the people who work there.

But what are the expectations for a facility manager’s responsibilities nowadays, beyond allocation of staff to perform internal cleaning tasks? And what percentage of the internal cleaning is carried out by existing staffing?

A research project completed by the International Facility Management Association, IFMA, surveyed 2,200 departments and discovered that almost 90 percent of the FMs are, indeed, responsible for housekeeping duties. But, surprisingly, only “1 in 5” actually execute those tasks using internal personnel.

Even though the maintenance duties and “space management” fall within the parameters of the FM’s overview, most of the maintenance tasks are performed via contracted services. This, then, frees up management resources to carry out “most space management work.”

Within the realm of operations the research pointed to the ongoing need for security as it relates to information services, data and research silos.

Levels of priority seem to differ in the manufacturing sector, although a high-level of security is maintained, for example, in the electronics and chemical sectors; the very highest level was noted in the information service and data centers.

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