Today’s efficient building operations follow ‘sustainable strategies’ affecting air quality and ‘green cleaning’ programs.

‘Sustainable strategies’ calls for a wide-range of best practices when it comes to building operations and maintenance services.

As always, it usually comes down to offering the right training that includes relevant data to assist building operators, as well as its occupants, in carrying out such initiatives in the workplace.

Some of the considerations include:

Indoor air quality

The basis for any efficient indoor air quality (IAQ) lies with its ability to integrate the outside air through an arrangement of high-end filters. Only then can the system deliver ventilated air that is untainted by pollutants “off-gassed” within a given space.

What’s needed, are MERV filters rated in the HVAC system that can handle the exhaust in keeping with ASHRAE Standard 62.1. In addition to the proper filters, other components can affect the air quality, such as using the walk-off mats located in entryways and using low-emitting materials that are non-toxic.

Custodial services

The backbone of any ‘green cleaning’ program is products and procedures that ultimately protect the workplace environment, as well as the health of the cleaning staff.

What makes up a ‘green cleaning’ strategy? Non-toxic and biodegradable chemicals are at the heart of any such program; too, it is important that the cleaning equipment itself doesn’t add pollution in the workplace or surrounding environment.

Furthermore, it encompasses the training of employees in their use of microfiber cleaning cloths, as well as how to use the concentrated chemicals that might require less packaging—hence, posing more of a threat to health and safety.

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