What Managers of Maintenance Jobs Earn

Managers of maintenance jobs hire facility tech, engineers, janitors and groundskeepers; oversee their tasks and schedules; and discuss facility projects with other department heads. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) describes the earnings of these managers, which are current as of the date of this post.

Maintenance managers average $62,540 per year, although the lowest earners make under $36,480 per year, while the top tier makes over $92,690. Actual pay varies by company size, experience and training. Managers typically reach their positions only after several years of increasing responsibility as a subordinate worker, such as maintenance tech or engineer.

The highest-paying industry for maintenance managers is scientific research and development services, where they make a mean $88,320. Ranking second is oil and gas extraction, averaging $86,310 per year. At third are data processing, hosting and related services at a mean annual $86,030.

The state with the best-paying employers for maintenance managers was Alaska, where salaries average $74,280. The high cost of living here generally pushes up the wages for all jobs. For example, the typical building maintenance worker here earns $28,940 per year, compared to the average $25,670 for the rest of the country.

The metropolitan area with the highest pay for managers consists of San Francisco, San Mateo and Redwood City in California. Average wages here run $80,690. Again a high cost of living is responsible for the peak compensation. Building maintenance workers here average $32,850 per year.

For more information on what maintenance managers or their subordinates make, or for help in finding these jobs, contact us.



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