Get Beyond the Resumes of Maintenance Jobs Candidates

The only thing you know about applicants for maintenance jobs comes from their resumes, cover letters, and application forms. At best, they contain only the best parts of a person’s employment life and may be professionally produced. At worst, the facts may be total fabrications. To get some idea of the real lives of your applicants, you have to delve into their virtual ones.

Start with their names in your favorite search engine. For most, you’ll find only what they posted online. For some, you may also find news reports or mentions on websites that your candidates did not produce, such as those for clubs, schools, and jobs. Don’t forget to search under Images, Videos, Blogs, and News options as well.

social-media1Browse their social pages like Facebook and Tumblr. Are all their pictures about drinking at bars, which could indicate a problem with alcohol? Do they like to complain about the cable company, their current boss, or their kids, which could mean an unpleasant personality? Or do they have very few pictures, friends, or postings, which could show either discretion or a lack of social skills?

Examine the details of their online resumes and job applications. Look in particular at dates of employments, names of employers, salaries, and job tasks. These should match what candidates put on their resumes and application forms. If they don’t, it could indicate lack of attention to detail, carelessness, or outright deception.

You want to perform these investigations before you call a potential candidate in for an interview. You can then question him about any discrepancies that you find.

If you want more help in finding the right employees for your company, please contact us.


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