Small Business Resources: Watch Out for Cramming on Your Business Cellphone

You and your employees make careful use of your business cellphones and follow strict guidelines. Despite this and your constant lectures to the staff, your phone costs seem to be ballooning out of control. The  additional expenses may  have nothing to do with your and your people. You may have simply become a victim of cramming.iphone-3gs

This practice, once common among landline communications, is now finding its way to mobile phones. Scamming companies tell your cellphone provider that your business signed up for service, even if you don’t know anything about it.  Phone companies can’t be bothered to confirm the subscription information but accept it is as fact. You’re then on the hook for monthly fees.

Just to make it harder for you to figure out what’s going on, the scammers hide their charges under vague descriptions like “service fee” or “provider enhancements.”  The only defense against this fraud is to examine your phone bill every month.  If there are charges you didn’t make, even if they have innocuous sounding descriptions, ask your phone company about them. If they can’t provide a satisfactory explanation, tell them you didn’t order the service. Ask for a refund of the current fees and a cancellation of the bogus service.

Check previous bills as well for evidence of such charges. You may be able to get those refunded as well, although there may be a time limit on when you can ask for a refund.

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