Marketing for your Small Business must include social media; tips from Entrepreneur.

Starting a new business is an upward climb in many areas, from struggling with cash flows to increasing the customer base.

Marketing for your Small Business? Regardless of the size of your company, owners need to remain savvy on how to use social media—No denying it, the digital landscape is where your potential customers are roaming about.

As such, many start ups fail to include any budget—or time—to engage prospects through the social media channels. Consequently, they approach this very crucial component of their marketing strategy with little creativity…or a lack of a plan completely.

The Entrepreneur website offers an overview of this dilemma with suggestions that include:

Start by identifying goals for your social media…

It’s a step often neglected by owners in their quest to get their business up and running—this is not the business plan!

Is your goal to just get your name/brand out there and increase exposure among your competition? Or, are you wanting to promote certain products or services?

Attempt to figure out what it is your customer wants, and then try to connect with them using a tailored campaign.

Above all, always think in terms of how you can help your customers solve problems…that keeps them engaged with you on Facebook, Twitter and through your email promotions.

Choosing the right social media for your business…

It makes little sense to use a shotgun approach and try to be everywhere with your message; this only serves to dilute your brand and message. More so, it says you aren’t listening to your customer.

Starting out, choose one social media network after you’ve surveyed your customers. Then, post a blog on that site, making sure you’re updating your content regularly.

Converting social media contacts into customers…

No tricks or magic here, but start gathering sales leads on, say, Facebook. Again, it’s up to you to drill down on who your customer is and what they are looking for.

Start a conversation with them on your social media network. Even send out a Tweet to drive them to Facebook to see your latest offering.

As you grow your business, contact us. We can help your find that right employee through our proven website.


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