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20 Fast Facts about Halloween

Halloween is traditionally celebrated on October 31st each year. But because of it falling on different days throughout the week, often the night trick-or-treat is celebrated changes year to year. Modern day trick-or-treating was created in the ’50s, and hasn’t changed much since then. Here is a fun Halloween post full of quick facts to share […]

Tips for purchasing on the Exchange…or not.

When it comes to healthcare & small business, it’s probably no surprise, but self-employed people, who do not have employees, are categorized as independent contractors. This means they need to buy their insurance as though it is for an individual. According to a recent report by the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute’s Center on Health […]

Ways to Attract New Customers to your small Business: Start with ‘rich content’ for your blog to get high search rankings.

Now that you’ve started your small business, and launched that website, you’re hoping to draw a lot of visitors to your blog. But after the first week-or-so you’re disappointed in the traffic: it seems as though the number of visitors to your site has dropped off dramatically, even though you posted an informational article on […]

How to advertise for your small business: Consider targeting your direct mail piece versus using a bulk mailing.

As a business owner, you try to keep up on how to advertise for your small business. Recently, you tried a direct mail campaign, but the responses were minimal with no significant jump in the number of visits to your website. Then, you did more research and discovered you needed to refine your strategy and target your […]

Marketing for your Small Business means measuring the effectiveness of your social media.

Businesses are becoming more savvy about their image (branding) and messaging in the ever- growing landscape of  today’s social media: Facebook’s has 1.15 billion users; there are 554 million Twitter users; Pintrest logs 238 active users with LinkedIn and Google+ coming in at 238  and 343 million users respectively. But, it isn’t always about the […]