Marketing for your Small Business means measuring the effectiveness of your social media.

social-media-logosBusinesses are becoming more savvy about their image (branding) and messaging in the ever- growing landscape of  today’s social media:

Facebook’s has 1.15 billion users; there are 554 million Twitter users; Pintrest logs 238 active users with LinkedIn and Google+ coming in at 238  and 343 million users respectively.

But, it isn’t always about the total number in your audience. In fact, a key to developing Marketing for your Small Business , often comes down to understanding who makes up your network, or your community. As a guide, companies are measuring the effectiveness of their strategies with tools like Google Analytics to put a metric on those influential channel.

Consider, too, that 88% of us who won’t even consider buying if an unfavorable thread prevails across the social network. To counter a any negative trend businesses may find it to their advantage to follow these guidelines as they develop their social media strategies:

Maintaining the reputation…

Always, it comes down to building ‘trust’ with your customer, including accurate information about the company and products/services. Ultimately, this will lead create a strong network of brand advocates.

Nurture that personal conversation…

Engage in meaningful conversations with your customer base wherever you find them on social media; if they’ve indicated an interest in your product or service, make sure you follow up with relevant email promotions on a regular basis.

A word about ROI…

How do you measure it? It can be as simple as tracking coupons, ala Facebook, for example: once redeemed via email you can then track the locale of the new customer and add them to your database.

As your business expands, be sure to contact us. Access our vast database to help you find that right match. Looking for a new career? We maintain one of the most frequented job search sites in our industry.


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