How to advertise for your small business: Consider targeting your direct mail piece versus using a bulk mailing.

As a business owner, you try to keep up on how to advertise for your small business. Recently, you tried a direct mail campaign, but the responses were minimal with no significant jump in the number of visits to your website. Then, you did more research and discovered you needed to refine your strategy and target your mailings…even following these guidelines:small-business-ideas-with-an-exciting-spark

Use more than just a basic customer profile.

Before launching your direct mail campaign, you need to get a true profile of your ideal customer—something other than the profile, say, on Facebook: Try compiling data that goes beyond age, gender and locale.

In short, you need to know more of the “why” people are buying, and what motivates them to choose your product over competitors.

Marketers use ‘psychographic data.’

As such, it might pay to drill down on some of the “psychographic data” on your customer to reveal their “inner” makeup.

Among the variables are views the prospect may have about your product or service, stemming from the prospects own mind-set and opinions.

More importantly, the complete picture can only be gathered once all of the data is integrated with other behavioral data; this, versus acting on a single set of data in isolation.

Understanding a customer’s lifestyle, hobbies and politics.

Such research into the inner workings of the mind of the consumer begins with a practice approach to arrive at that all-important consumer sketch.

The data generally includes information showing particular lifestyles and even hobbies; this, to help you develop content that is relevant to your direct mail recipient.

When it comes to hiring qualified maintenance people, be sure to Contact us. Our data base can is extensive and broken down into categories easy for you to access.



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