Ways to Attract New Customers to your small Business: Start with ‘rich content’ for your blog to get high search rankings.

Now that you’ve started your small business, and launched that website, you’re hoping to draw a lot of visitors to your blog.www.facilityagentblog.wordpress.com

But after the first week-or-so you’re disappointed in the traffic: it seems as though the number of visitors to your site has dropped off dramatically, even though you posted an informational article on your business. In short, it’s time to look at Ways to Attract New Customers to your small Business.

Today, businesses are focusing more and more on writing content for the their blog that really talks to and engages with their customer base.

In fact, the savvy blog writers are very much aware of details like ‘search engine optimization’ (SE0) and how critical it is to get high-rankings in today’s search engines—Google, Yahoo or Bing, for example.

Start writing content that RANKS !

—Don’t throw in a lot of keywords just to cover your bases. Research what keywords best describe your specific niche. Remember, if you slip into keyword stuffing, Google will penalize your rankings on the page.

Create ‘fresh content.’

Stay abreast of trending news and find ways to tie into it IF it fits. Fresh content. This not only gives customers a reason to keep coming back to your page, but will elevate your page rankings.

Forget about posting short articles just to get your copy up on your blog hurriedly. Longer articles are considered to be ‘quality content.’ As such, they’ll usually garner better search engine results.

Be ‘the source’ of info for your customer—and use social media.

Think how your customer thinks: they’ll be typing in questions about your product or services into their search engine. So, write content that answers their questions. More importantly, if you really drill down on your answers your customer will not only appreciate your effort…he’ll keep coming back and even refer you to others.

More so, by using social media ala Facebook and Twitter, for example, you’ve automatically leveraged your name (your brand) and Google will start picking up any reference to your company with more regularity.

Business growth always happens when the right people are hired. Contact us before that next position in your company comes open. We always maintain a broad database of candidates suited to this industry.



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