Monthly Archives: November 2013

‘Forbes’ offers Steps for Growing your Business: Slow down and don’t buy ‘tech’ for the heck of it.

Let’s face it. Running your own business is an exciting venture, not to mention demanding and all the other adjectives that define the entrepreneur’s start up. It’s not uncommon for a business owner to start thinking about expansion when things are really going well and the customer base keeps expanding. But such a growth period […]

Thanksgiving: Did You Know?

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather, give thanks and usually eat too much (only once a year, right!). The annual holiday brings with it a sense of happiness and is, of course, the last big holiday before Christmas. But did you know it wasn’t a holiday until almost a 250 years […]

Facilities management teams use CMMS to reduce maintenance costs; replacement costs also calculated.

Today, any plant maintenance supervisor, or skilled technician, can’t help but be excited if their facility uses a computer maintenance management system (CMMS). Overall, the data helps the facilities management team perform their tasks more effectively. For example, certain machinery or components can be monitored for scheduled maintenance alerts, providing in depth status reports to help calculate costs […]

Whats New in Facility Maintenance? The focus is on ‘sustainable building management.’

What’s New in Facility Maintenance?  Today, more and more companies are focusing on sustainable strategies in hopes of reducing costs to remaining competitive. More over, building owners, supervisors and managers are looking closely at ways to manage the day-to-day aspects of their operations, including simple ways for occupants to manipulate certain control centers to maximize energy […]