Whats New in Facility Maintenance? The focus is on ‘sustainable building management.’

What’s New in Facility Maintenance

UrbanLeague_-Atrium-500x700Today, more and more companies are focusing on sustainable strategies in hopes of reducing costs to remaining competitive.

More over, building owners, supervisors and managers are looking closely at ways to manage the day-to-day aspects of their operations, including simple ways for occupants to manipulate certain control centers to maximize energy consumption, for example.

Achieving Indoor air quality…

Indoor air quality can be an ongoing issue among on premise workers. Consequently, maintaining efficient indoor air quality (IAQ) is a matter of properly using high-end, outside air filters; this, to rid the air flow of tainted pollutants that might be off gassing within a particular area.

In such cases, MERV filters can be spec’d for the HVAC system to adequately handle exhausts that follow the ASHRAE Standard 62.1.

Also, a survey of other products that might be emitting any toxins, such as the common walk-off mat normally found in entryways; in such cases, choices can be made for low-emitting materials that are simply non-toxic—an example of a sustainable strategy.

‘Green cleaning’ program…

Today, best practices in the custodial department means using products that will ultimately help protect the workplace enviornment; this, while minimizing adverse toxins that may affect the staff . This is accomplished by using biodegradable chemicals and non-toxic choices.

Training of employees…

Key to implementing a sustainable strategy includes the proper training of employees to show them how to use microfiber cleaning cloths, or concentrated chemicals; the latter generally require less packaging, which can mean a possible threat to health and safety in the workplace.

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