Facilities management teams use CMMS to reduce maintenance costs; replacement costs also calculated.

13387405_xlToday, any plant maintenance supervisor, or skilled technician, can’t help but be excited if their facility uses a computer maintenance management system (CMMS). Overall, the data helps the facilities management team perform their tasks more effectively.

For example, certain machinery or components can be monitored for scheduled maintenance alerts, providing in depth status reports to help calculate costs of replacement.

Perhaps one of the biggest ways that companies can find savings come through monitoring their parts inventory. This allows a reduction in capital outlays and borrowing costs because the right parts are kept in stock without overstocking.

CMMS software can also affect…

Ordering costs…

It takes time for someone to requisition an order for parts replacement, including the time given to compiling vendor quotes and initiating the purchase orders; too, the time spent stocking parts inventory can’t be discounted, particularly when overstocking is involved.

‘Predictive maintenance’ (PM) reduces costs…

Equipment failure can often be prevented by implementing a strategy of PM via the CMMS platform. What’s more, the severe economic impact from ‘downtime’ can usually be avoided through such a PM program.

The mobility of CMMS…

Today’s cloud applications also apply to this platform, allowing assigned workers to monitor multiple locations, if need be, through smart devices like tablets.

Generally, the vendor selling the CMMS package can offer web-based ‘hosting’ on outside servers; also, a plant can use a LAN based setup to host the package from their on-premise server.

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