Thanksgiving: Did You Know?

36Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather, give thanks and usually eat too much (only once a year, right!). The annual holiday brings with it a sense of happiness and is, of course, the last big holiday before Christmas. But did you know it wasn’t a holiday until almost a 250 years after the first Thanksgiving? Who knew…

Here are some more Thanksgiving facts about the first Thanksgiving that you can share with your family this November 28 .

Though the first Thanksgiving is said to have been celebrated in 1621, there are claims that there were many events such as this before that date. Twelve to be exact, and all in different places.

Did you know that even though most lore surrounded the first Thanksgiving presents it as a peaceful gathering of Native Americans and Pilgrims, but the the truth was it was not. In fact, the Native American’s thought the settlers were preparing for war at first, and they didn’t even feast together.

Most of the turkeys that are shown in pictures regarding the feast are inaccurate. They are usually wild turkeys, American’s eat domestic turkeys that can not fly.

The first settlers, or Pilgrims as we call them now, did not wear buckles on their shoes or hats and did not dress in black. In fact they wore typical, English clothes from the time period that were bright and cheerful. During the seventeenth century many portraits misconstrued how the Pilgrims looked and thus were wrongly painted as Puritans. They only work black on Sunday, and only at church.

The original feast lasted three days long and mainly consisted of deer, corn, shellfish, roasted meat, and stews, a very different menu than today’s feast. And when they weren’t feasting (and drinking) they played ball games, sang songs and danced.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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