Monthly Archives: December 2013

Three Management Mistakes to Avoid after Maintenance Hiring

You have two main objective in mind after maintenance hiring. You want the new employee to contribute to the company as soon as possible. And you want him to stick around long enough to make your efforts in hiring, interviewing, and investigating him worthwhile. If you want your new employee to be glad he’s working […]

Fun Facts About Christmas

Christmas is everyone’s favorite time of year. The family, the gifts, the gatherings, the food (the time off of work!). But did you know that the current incarnation of Santa Claus was only adopted in the 19th century? Even though the jolly, fat man has been around since the Middle Ages, it was the red suit […]

Quiz the Season

What would Christmas be without the songs and movies that help shape the season? Imagine cozying up on the couch and not having A Christmas Story or It’s a Wonderful Life to watch and get you into the spirit, or turning on some music and having Frosty or Rudolph absent. Sure, by the end we […]

Celebrating Christmas Around the World

We all celebrate Christmas in different ways. Some people open presents on Christmas Eve, while other wait until the morning of Christmas Day. Some people eat ham and turkey, while others prefer Italian food or pizza. But did you know that in Australia they oftentimes celebrate Christmas on the beach because December in Australia is […]

Three Tips for Using Blogs in Marketing for your Small Business

Blogging boasts many advantages in marketing for your small business. It costs nothing but time if you already have an Internet connection. Posting blog entries on other people’s websites exposes a new audience to your business. Confining your writing to your own web pages engages your current customers with your product and services. To use […]

Want to Create a Better Maintenance Staff? Follow These 3 Tips

Everyone in a leadership role has experienced the difficulty of finding and hiring good employees. And even if you do find qualified individuals, all good managers want to make their team better, work smoother, and craft a solid and efficient work environment. After all, with a more qualified team, you’ll be saving time, and reaching […]