Want to Create a Better Maintenance Staff? Follow These 3 Tips

hire-me-shout-out-buttonEveryone in a leadership role has experienced the difficulty of finding and hiring good employees. And even if you do find qualified individuals, all good managers want to make their team better, work smoother, and craft a solid and efficient work environment. After all, with a more qualified team, you’ll be saving time, and reaching your goals will be that much easier.

1. Hiring qualified workers

It all begins here. Want to create a great team? Hire right. This means not rushing just to fill a job, or simply taking someone’s word that their friend would be the best. Create a list of questions you plan to ask in the interview, and be sure to include some hard-hitters, not just contrived self-description questions. Avoid questions that don’t lend to revealing things about the person being interviewed. And throughout the entire process, really believe that this will be the last time you fill this job.

2. Identify Lost Opportunities

If you want to acquire an objective look as to how team members are performing, try setting up some work audits and surveys. Ask yourself questions about performance, productivity, quality of service, and so on. If you have customers, ask them how they think you and your team are doing, and you might be surprised at what you find. Ask your managers to conduct a self-appraisal, and contrast it with your own. Tracking down these lost opportunities can really add up in the end.

3. Create Adaptability

Now that you have a qualified staff, and the proper checks and measures in place, it’s time to adjust the culture of the work environment. As a leader, you have been charged with the task of giving direction, training, and motivating, and it’s also your task to pass your vision on to your team. Do this by leading by example, taking the initiative to better the situation, being respectful, and so on. It may seem taxing, but it will pay off in the long run.

Building a great team takes time and effort, but a dedicated individual who has a passion for leadership will reward accordingly, and will get the results they want.

Want more tips on hiring, recruiting, and team building? Contact us.


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