Three Tips for Using Blogs in Marketing for your Small Business

arton86Blogging boasts many advantages in marketing for your small business. It costs nothing but time if you already have an Internet connection. Posting blog entries on other people’s websites exposes a new audience to your business. Confining your writing to your own web pages engages your current customers with your product and services. To use blogging to your best advantage, follow these tips.

Stick to a regular posting schedule. If your readers are going to bother with a subscription to your blog, they’ll expect useful information to come out of you regularly. So write your blog at least once a week, or two to three times weekly if possible.

Solve customer problems. A blog that simply talks about how great your company is will be of little use to your customers. They’ll soon stop reading about your self-absorption. Think about some of the issues in your customer’s lives and how your post can help them out. Talk about your company’s offerings only as a last resort. This will increase your credibility as a solutions provider.

Make it scan. Blogs are supposed to be scannable. This means readers get the gist of your message with a quick glance. To make your postings easy to read, avoid using a solid block of text. Break your writing up into three or more paragraphs. Add bold headers in front of major ideas. Use bulleted or numbered lists if you enumerate three or more items.

If you want more ideas on how to market your small business online, please contact us.


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