Monthly Archives: January 2014

How Facilities and Maintenance Workers Can Keep Company Information Safe

The information that flows into and out of a company can typically include employee Social Security numbers, supplier contracts, and customer financial accounts. If these facts and figures fall into the wrong hands, it could jeopardize the company’s survival and ruin the credit of customers. The primary responsibility for protecting this information falls to administrative […]

5 Handy Recruiting Tips for Service Managers

Recruiting is one of those tasks that can be both unrewarding and rewarding at the same time. Because while on one hand it is a necessary evil that sometimes yields nothing, on the other hand finding a promising candidate can help you to solidify your efforts. And really, the most qualified workers are the ones […]

A New Study Reveals Interesting Facts about Workplace Happiness; 4 Tips to Help You

Ever heard the saying “Employees don’t work hard because they’re happy. They’re happy because they’re working hard”? Because in most work environments, small business owners, bosses and team leaders understand that, theoretically, a happy employee is a productive employee. But a recent study found that things that make employees happy, don’t necessarily lead to more […]

Small Business Resources: How to Get Started with Blogging

As a forward-thinking business owner, you know the importance of blogging as a small business resource. It’s an excellent way of keeping in touch with customers and getting feedback. But you’re just not quite sure if you can devote the time and effort so that it becomes an effective marketing strategy. You can find out […]

More and more building operations rely on Equipment Asset Management (EAM) software for maintenance and replacement issues.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) can become a cumbersome and inefficient process, particularly if the company’s fixed assets are not being properly monitored and disposed of effectively. Life cycles of equipment and apparatus are the backbone of any building operations, and a key component to maintaining proper inventory control and replacement schedules; hence, predictive and preventive maintenance […]