Small Business Resources: How to Get Started with Blogging

blogAs a forward-thinking business owner, you know the importance of blogging as a small business resource. It’s an excellent way of keeping in touch with customers and getting feedback. But you’re just not quite sure if you can devote the time and effort so that it becomes an effective marketing strategy. You can find out through these simple steps.

  1. Start as a guest writer. Look for a blog that allows guest postings. Make sure it belongs to a company that complements rather than competes with yours. For example, if you produce pens, look for an office supply blog. Write an entry or two and note how long it takes you to complete the writing. Keep in mind that the more experience you gain then the faster it will take you to finish a post. End your post with a question and invite the readers to post a response in the Comments box. The number of comments you receive will give you some idea of whether your writing is effective or not.
  2. Try an independent blog. By choosing a template and answering a few questions, you can quickly create a free blog using Blogger or WordPress. Write a few entries and see what type of responses you receive. Don’t forget to put a link from your main business website to the blog, so your current customers can find it.
  3. Integrate a blog into your current website. This will require both technical and artistic expertise to develop a blog that blends smoothly with your current web pages.

You may discover that devoting just an hour or two a week to blogging can return plenty of marketing dividends. If you want to know more about blogging or other small business resources, please contact us.


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