5 Handy Recruiting Tips for Service Managers

Recruiting is one of those tasks that can be both unrewarding and rewarding at the same time. Because while on one hand it is a necessary evil that sometimes yields nothing, on the other hand finding a promising candidate can help you to solidify your efforts. And really, the most qualified workers are the ones that aren’t looking most of the time.

So while you are spending the recommended 30 percent of your time recruiting (according to some experts), consider adopting these 5 tips to help you:

1. You don’t have to be exactly what you are looking for. Meaning, just because you can’t do the job your are recruiting for, doesn’t mean you can’t fill it. The same can be said for service managers. A good analogy is to think of yourself as an executive, your service manager as a coach; recruiting and managing is sometimes better than “coaching.”

2. Don’t recruit during peak season. A big mistake made by recruiters is they recruit when it is less likely that they will find a qualified candidate. Don’t wait until you have a potential opening or when the busy season is in full swing. What will happen is that you will end up settling. Which is never a good thing.

3. Keep a rolodex. Remember those? Essentially, compile a database of potential new hires; people who may have left on good terms and are re-hirable; someone who you interviewed who was great but decided to work elsewhere, and so on. Basically anyone who might fit the bill who you can cold call in a pinch to see if they are interested.

4. Always be evaluating. Service managers should be interviewing candidates at least once a week or whenever the opportunity presents itself. An interview is the window you need to look through to see the true potential new hire, where applications and resumes may fail.

5. Everyone should be in on the job, not just the service manager. Make recruiting a part of the company’s culture. Set up incentives for bringing worthy candidates. Get everyone on board and reap the benefits.

Remember, in the end we are only as strong as our weakest team member. So hire right the first time. Want more information on hiring and recruiting? Contact us anytime.


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