How Facilities and Maintenance Workers Can Keep Company Information Safe

Keep-Sensitive-Information-Safe-Company-2602The information that flows into and out of a company can typically include employee Social Security numbers, supplier contracts, and customer financial accounts. If these facts and figures fall into the wrong hands, it could jeopardize the company’s survival and ruin the credit of customers. The primary responsibility for protecting this information falls to administrative managers, clerical workers, and information technology professionals. However, facilities and maintenance workers can help safeguard this data by following these guidelines:

  • Workers who find printed paper in the trash must assume it contains information that must be kept confidential. Rather than disposing of it in the standard recycling bin, they can put the documents through a shredder. To save time, they may also store such paper in a locked collection container that can be shredded later by clerical staff or a document destruction provider.
  • When entering or exiting rooms by themselves where confidential information is stored, such as paper archive rooms, maintenance workers must keep doors locked. This prevents outsiders from sneaking in when workers must leave the space unguarded, such as when fetching cleaning supplies. The only exceptions are if keeping the doors locked prevents safe emergency exits or interferes with their duties.
  • An employee may accidentally leave his or her portable data access device in an unsecure location, such as a desktop, when leaving for the day. Maintenance workers who discover such technology must be allowed to secure it, preferably in a locked cabinet inside a locked room. They can then fill out a form, in duplicate, explaining where the device is stored and the date and time of storage. They must leave a copy of the form on the owner’s desk and with the owner’s manager.

If you want more tips for facilities and maintenance workers, or need help with recruiting competent staff for your building, please contact us.


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