Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Advice

What’s Valentine’s Day without a gift? Everyone likes to feel loved, and there’s no better time to say “I love you” than on Valentine’s Day. So whether you love or hate the day based on selflessness and compassion, here are some great gift ideas for singles, couples and everyone in between.v19_21417117

Subscription Boxes

For men: The gift that really does keep on giving (it’s subscription-based). Try giving him the food-of-the-month club style gifts, or beer-of-the-month. His belly will thank you.

For women: Try a jewelry club like RocksBox. It’ll let her wear three different designed finds each month for a nominal fee of just $15. Nothing accents like the perfect piece of jewelry.

For a friend: Try out Loot Crate. Starting at $20 a month you can have $40 of loot delivered each month to that techie/gamer you love the most, including games, shirts, and quirky collectables.

Spa Days

Men! Women love flowers, they love candy, but what they really want for Valentine’s Day is a Spa Day. Check out to get a gift card that is accepted in over 20,000 spa and wellness locations.

If your lady doesn’t like the idea of heading to the spa, try getting her some high-tech jewelry. There’s some very interesting Bluetooth earrings on the market. Or, if that doesn’t ring out to you, and your lover is a bit of a tech-geek, try picking up a light-up engagement ring.

Guy Stuff

Ladies, you love your man. We know. When polled, men said that number one on their list of gifts they’d like to receive is a roll in the hay (you knew it was coming). But number two was actually alcohol and gadgets, a fairly simple choice. Buy him a twelve pack pack of some expensive beer (IPAs are best). Or, if you are feeling really generous, check out this smart watch called Pebble Steel. We know you’ll pick accordingly.

But whatever you buy (or give), do it out of love. They will thank you for it in more ways than one.

Feel free to contact us for more information, and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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