5 Tips for Landing a Facilities Job in a Maintenance Position

facility-maintenance-servicesIf you are newly on the job market, or are trying to find new work, it’s important that once you get your foot in the door, and get that all important interview, that you ace it when the time comes.

Here are 5 tips for landing a facilities job in maintenance.

Getting Noticed

Perhaps even more difficult than even getting an interview is getting having your application and resume noticed. A great way of avoiding having it lost in the shuffle is to be sure that you are changing your resume for each job you apply for. Don’t leave it generic. Customization shows an employer that you have thought not only about the job, but who is offering it. While you’re at it, include a cover letter specifically catered to the job.

Follow Up

In spite of what you may have heard, calling to check on an application is a great way to get your name ringing in the ears of hiring managers. It shows interest, intent, and desire, and only good can come from it. If all goes as planned, you’ll hear good news in no time (maybe even the day you call), and the next time you go, it will be for an interview. And even if it isn’t, it may be for the next time.

Know Your Stuff

After you get the interview, it’s important that you are current on, not just the company (although that helps, too), but also about whatever systems you specialize in. The hiring manager will obviously know what sort of maintenance you will be doing, and they will be tailoring their questions to you to see if you do too. Talk about your experience and training, aspects of the job you are familiar with, what you excel at, and so on. Paint yourself in a positive light without being arrogant.

Stay True

Never talk about things you don’t know about. If a subject comes up, winging it will look far worse than politely explaining that you are unfamiliar. It’s much better to explain how you are interested in learning. It is also okay to ask questions. In fact, most people are unaware of this, but most hiring managers follow an 80/20 rule. That is, you should be talking 80 percent of time, so asking questions is welcomed.


If you got the interview in the first place, then that means you are on a short list. It is impossible for employers to interview every applicant, so congratulate yourself. Set the stage for further contact. Ask what happens next, inquire about the hiring process as whole. Will there be a second interview? What is the timeframe in which i’ll be contacted? etc,. Leave the interview confident, contact your references, send a thank you note to the interviewer, and if you aren’t offered the job, don’t worry. You’re one step closer when they hire again.

For more information on landing your next job, feel free to contact us for tips and tricks.


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