Monthly Archives: March 2014

Small Business Resources point to several retirement-savings options.

They are often referred to as ‘independent contractors’ or workers, as they’ve chosen to seek something better in life by  starting their own business: either by necessity, or following their dream idea for a product or service. Certainly, what characterizes this group is their independence as they set their own hours, and maybe their own […]

Building operations become efficient by using Enterprise Asset Management software; inventory control and equipment life cycles key

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is key component in today’s building operations. However, the process can become a cumbersome and inefficient, particularly if the company’s fixed assets are not being properly monitored and disposed of effectively. Life cycles of equipment and apparatus, for example, are important to maintaining proper inventory control and replacement schedules; hence, predictive and  preventive […]

Not all small business resources are keyed to growing the business; owners need direction for their investments, too

As a successful business, you’ve always counted on Small Business Resources to help you grow your business. In fact, you recently parlayed some earnings into a small rental and discovered that the IRS came out with a new ruling that’s favorable to a mom-and-pop rental owner like yourself. Before the IRS gave us their 1986 ruling limiting […]

New HVAC ‘standard maintenance’ guidelines.

New HVAC Standard Procedures for Maintenance: A building’s air quality standard is linked closely to a facility’s HVAC system to ensure that cross-contamination of indoor air, for example, is kept to a minimum. For sure, the focal point for facility managers is making sure that HVAC units provide, at the least, follow a  minimum air […]