New HVAC ‘standard maintenance’ guidelines.

HVAC-FanNew HVAC Standard Procedures for Maintenance:

A building’s air quality standard is linked closely to a facility’s HVAC system to ensure that cross-contamination of indoor air, for example, is kept to a minimum.

For sure, the focal point for facility managers is making sure that HVAC units provide, at the least, follow a  minimum air conveyance standard. As such, a revised ACR (assessment, cleaning and restoration) has been issued to provide proper guidelines for the entire review and implementation process.

The background for this ACR update is based, for the most part, on practical experience in light of today’s HVAC equipment specifications. The U.S.

Department of Energy notes that 25% to 40% of our energy that’s used for both heating and cooling is wasted; this, while impacting the life cyle of HVAC units—clean units equal longer life.

Just following a routine cleaning of cooling coils and reheat coils can raise airflows in the realm of 75%, notes a ASHRAE study. Moreover, a system’s cleanliness is known to cut average operating costs in the area of 10% to 25%.

In the normal HVAC operation cycle, air pollutants and contaminants can be cycled five to seven times in an occupied building. Consequently, people with at-risk health issues, like respiratory problems and autoimmune conditions, can up their risk factors if maintenance schedules are ignored.

In all cases, it’s best to have a certified specialist review and perform necessary maintenance and upgrades to filters and accessories.

Contact us as you make plans to fill that next operations or facility manager openings. Our extensive database of experienced and skilled applicants is accessed by many in the facilities and maintenance industry.




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