Building operations become efficient by using Enterprise Asset Management software; inventory control and equipment life cycles key

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is key component in today’s building operations. However, the process can become a cumbersome and inefficient, particularly if the company’s fixed assets are not being properly monitored and disposed of effectively.

Life cycles of equipment and apparatus, for example, are important to maintaining proper inventory control and replacement schedules; hence, predictive and  preventive maintenance issues are a key component of fixed asset accounting.

The implementation of a credible enterprise asset management system, makes even more sense when a company has multiple-sites and locations; this, because integrating a fixed asset management system with an existing accounting/management system can lead to many inefficiencies.

Arriving at the right balance of asset disposal as well as conducting bulk disposals can be achieved quite easily, including those all-important calculations of gains and losses with a mere keystroke.

Of course, corporate security is always of utmost concern, as well as an audit history that follows any changes made to an asset system. As such, some companies prefer to use a software program that is on-premise, residing on their own servers versus accessing the software in the cloud.

Other features of a credible asset management platform (on-premise or in the cloud) include:

Group Manager

With this feature the whole process of defining groups of assets, recording acquisition dates and tracking depreciation can be accomplished with just a few keystrokes. This avoids the isolated tasks of pulling in data from several different and parallel programs.

What’s more, the technology provides yet another method for building owners, and facility managers, to get a better return on all of their fixed assets either through re-selling equipment, extended the life of existing equipment.

When it’s time to fill that next facility maintenance position, contact us. We offer one of the most comprehensive data bases in the industry.




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