Monthly Archives: April 2014

5 Great Ways of Keeping Your Maintenance Staff Happy

Keeping your maintenance staff happy is no simple task. But doing so can really boost morale, all the while increasing effectiveness and productivity. On the other hand, an employee who feels undervalued, overwhelmed, and and unhappy can be a huge drag on you and your staff. Here are 5 methods to keep your staff happy and […]

Bad Customer Reviews? Give Them a Hug

Bad customer Reviews?  There’s a lot of it in today’s world.  So many people have something negative to say.  Companies can’t seem to get their opinions out because they’re being overshadowed by these reviews.  It’s hard to erase, ignore and correct every negative review out there.  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Give those […]

Steps for Growing your Business: Tips on hiring that first employee.

Steps for Growing your Business include how to hire the first employee: You’ve cut your teeth on trying new things, like stepping up to start your business when other would-be entrepreneurs were holding back. Now, you’re looking forward to taking your new idea to the marketplace; and, in the not too distant future, you know you’ll need […]

Today’s building operations can rely on ‘preventive maintenance’ to reduce costs.

Today’s building operations demands are not only focused on the routine maintenance and repair schedules, but can also touch on predictive maintenance. More and more, facility operators are seeing how analytics are helping to keep buildings energy-efficient, or provide schedules for parts replacements and predict problem areas. For example, when it comes to tracking the equipment, […]