Today’s building operations can rely on ‘preventive maintenance’ to reduce costs.

preventive_maintenanceToday’s building operations demands are not only focused on the routine maintenance and repair schedules, but can also touch on predictive maintenance. More and more, facility operators are seeing how analytics are helping to keep buildings energy-efficient, or provide schedules for parts replacements and predict problem areas.

For example, when it comes to tracking the equipment, parts and other apparatus in a facility, skilled technicians are working more with reading sensor reports, or data that minimizes part inventory to contain costs on an ‘as needed’ basis.

An important aspect in predictive maintenance is having the capability to source the history of a facility’s assets,  such as tracking the purchasing and what vendors were involved.

An added value of using today’s  ‘assess management’ platforms is the ability to efficiently assign workers and resources to handle ongoing, or predicted, problem areas.

Overall, the strategy increases efficiency in many areas, from effective use of HVAC to tracking parts and equipment warranties; the latter capability can also help companies recycle aging to recoup capital investments.

Ultimately, this type of data, and its ability to be shared, can bolster bottom-lines and reduce expenses because the maintenance and repair tasks can prevent downtime.

Increased facility safety is another benefit from utilizing a predictive maintenance strategy, not to mention the positive impact on the environment—less energy consumption, and more effective monitoring of high-risk chemical processes, for example.

Contact us as you make plans to fill that next operations or facility maintenance opening. Our extensive database of experienced and skilled applicants is accessed by many in the facilities and maintenance industry.


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