Steps for Growing your Business: Tips on hiring that first employee.

Steps for Growing your Business include how to hire the first employee:

You’ve cut your teeth on trying new things, like stepping up to start your business when other would-be entrepreneurs were holding back.

Now, you’re looking forward to taking your new idea to the marketplace; and, in the not too distant future, you know you’ll need to hire a few key people to help you grow your business.

“Hiring Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurs” available on the INC website offers an overview on this big step, including insights from two, successful entrepreneurs:

  1. Make a Plan: The vision you have for your business will help you prioritize which slots need to be filled first; then write a profile of the position. “They say when fundraising, if you ask for money you get advice and if you ask for advice you get money. Hiring is the same way….” Notes Jason Jacobs, co-founder/CEO of RunKeeper.
  2. Work your network: Start with Linkedin and make sure your connecting with the right power people: “A-plus players know other A-plus players.”  “You want the people you trust to recommend other top performers,” says Boris Revsin, co-founder/CEO of CampusLIVE.
  3. Get out there: Be the Pied Piper for your business, after all you have the passion and belief. Networking is important, but at the same time, it’s vital to get your brand visible and create the buzz.
  4. Recruit all the time: It’s a hat you need to wear all the time: recruiting. Encourage your other employees to do the same. Get your message down, so everyone is selling the same package.
  5. Aim high: It’s about hiring the Best and the Brightest; but take your time and go through the proper vetting of your recruitment list. Then, hire quickly.

Contact us as you make plans to fill that next operations or facility manager openings. Our extensive database of experienced and skilled applicants is accessed by many in the facilities and maintenance industry.


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