Bad Customer Reviews? Give Them a Hug

bad-reviewBad customer Reviews?  There’s a lot of it in today’s world.  So many people have something negative to say.  Companies can’t seem to get their opinions out because they’re being overshadowed by these reviews.  It’s hard to erase, ignore and correct every negative review out there.  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Give those negative reviews as much love as the positive ones and continue with day-to-day operations.  As absurd as that sounded, embracing negative viewpoints isn’t a bad idea.  Negative viewpoints aren’t a personal attack to the company or the product.  Negative reviews offer insight to your company.  Take out emotions and observe the words from a learning perspective.  These reviews are trying to tell you something.  Use it to make your product, service or company better.

Listening to your employees and management isn’t the same as hearing it from a customer.  They see information you or your colleagues don’t want to see.  If you’re willing to accept what is said you can fix the problem and make it a positive experience.  Announce the changes through a press release, meeting or public service announcement.  The press will be overwhelmingly positive and those negative reviews will turn positive.  This encourages more people to use the product.  Another way is to ask for their input through social media and start a discussion.  You’ll know firsthand what people think of your product or service and can respond on the spot.

Even search engines are valuing negative reviews by lowering the rank of companies who display all positive ones.  Top companies in search engines are ones that have a good mix of negative and positive feedback.

Customers will see negative reviews as a way to balance out pros and cons of the product or service.  They will examine all reviews and make a final decision.  Customers posting reviews online just want to be heard and hope the company is listening to them.  Show empathy and humility while you’re show care for the time they took to respond.  If you are taking negative reviews seriously step away from the computer, surveys and other sources of negative reviews and focus on something else.  Come back to it later with a clear head.

It’s important to know not every review deserves attention.  Some feedback is there just for spite or bias.  Those reviewers are looking for a fight.  If they can’t explain why something sucks (instead of saying “this sucks”) or explain their “bad experience” it should be ignored.  Negative feedback with detailed explanations is honest opinions; that’s what you’re looking for.

It doesn’t sound right to give negative reviews a hug, but it’s the best thing for business growth.  Don’t make the mistake of being cocky and a know-it-all; it’s easy to get angry and write a nasty response.  Learn to read the value in the words written and your company will thrive. Contact us for more information.


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