5 Great Ways of Keeping Your Maintenance Staff Happy

post-it-good-jobKeeping your maintenance staff happy is no simple task. But doing so can really boost morale, all the while increasing effectiveness and productivity. On the other hand, an employee who feels undervalued, overwhelmed, and and unhappy can be a huge drag on you and your staff.

Here are 5 methods to keep your staff happy and healthy, while boosting morale at the same time.


Remember when you were a simple cog in the wheel? Do you also remember what one thing could change the direction of your entire day? That’s right, recognition! Telling someone they are doing a good job can vastly improve their work ethic. Praise them for great work, they will appreciate it, and you will notice a big difference.

Open Communication

It’s not a new concept, but it works surprisingly well. Here’s the formula: Being open and honest with your employees will win their favor. Being transparent about job-related issues will keep them involved and working hard. Being straight-forward, engaging, and open with your communication will get to the core of engagement and improve productivity. It’s that simple.

Show Them The Fruits

Labor is exactly that: laborious. Especially when there appears to be no apparent pay off. So instead of letting your staff push the boulder up the hill for eternity, show them the fruits of their labor by letting them see how their work directly impacts those they do it for. Not only does it boost morale, it increases satisfaction and confidence, and adds a new level to their job.

Treat Everyone Like a Person

Never, no matter what you do, how you feel, or in whatever situation you are in, treat a member of your staff like a resource rather than a person. There is no quicker way to lose respect and decrease morale among those on your team.

Set Clear, Definitive Goals

People need strong leaders who give clear and concise direction to achieve their goals. Even at the most menial, people need to know how much to do, and how to do it. But that’s just the beginning. Being definitive and objective about an employee’s task will not only lead them to work hard, it will help create the autonomy they need to do it on their own terms, giving them independence over their tasks. Thus, clear direction and challenge create drive. Something all staff members need.

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