Monthly Archives: May 2014

Today’s trend in finding a good facility maintenance employee: look for the ‘green.’

The job market for general maintenance, as well as repair workers, appears to be on an upward swing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is giving it a ‘thumbs up’ with a growth projection of 8% to 14% during the period of 2012 to 2022. Skilled workers with ‘green’ training… One of the reasons for […]

5 Great Methods to Market Your Small Business on a Budget

As if running a small business wasn’t stress enough, in order to attract customers and retain them you also have to find a way to fund your marketing strategy. But advertising can come come with a huge cost association, so what options are there? You’d be surprised the things you can accomplish on a small […]

Facilities management today uses Asset Management Software and best practices for MRO.

Today’s facilities management roles are relying more and more on technology to help them monitor everything for parts inventory to the projected life cycles of certain components and equipment. Gone are the days when maintenance personnel conducted simply visual and auditory tests around equipment: Sensors are being used more and more, for example, to monitor installations. […]

Could Getting a Degree in Facilities Management Change The FM Landscape?

The landscape of facilities management is ever-changing. And how one gets a job in FM is no different. What was once reserved for those moving up the ranks from technician or mechanic on to manager, or being switched from a different department, has evolved into a third option: getting a degree in facilities management. More […]

Facilities management succeeds when a team approach versus a ‘me’ approach is used.

Today’s facilities management requires a new look at the total makeup of the key players, from maintenance personnel and managers to techs and supervisors. Moreover, and given the role that technology plays in overseeing systems and plant assets, it’s important to recognize the shift now to a need for better communications; this, to ward off scenarios where […]