Facilities management succeeds when a team approach versus a ‘me’ approach is used.

Today’s facilities management requires a new look at the total makeup of the key players, from maintenance personnel and managers to techs and supervisors.

Moreover, and given the role that technology plays in overseeing systems and plant assets, it’s important to recognize the shift now to a need for better communications; this, to ward off scenarios where team members are stopped from doing their jobs because of departmental tensions, or the lack of clear policies and expectations.

The result, of course, is that dreaded fear of conflict, and how best to get around it while resolving problems at hand.

A post on Today’sFacilityManager, gives an overview on the importance of handling conflict to  keep everyone focused on their tasks.

Don’t settle for a ‘singular’ viewpoint.

Keeping an open mind during settling a conflict is a sure way of finding a creative solution to the problem at hand. After hearing all the sides, state your views with confidence and earn the respect of your team members because of your intent on listening before offering your opinions.

Don’t forget the ‘zeal.’

Sure, it’s crucial to maintain an objective point of view, but not at the expense of your passion and zeal for finding a workable solution. Above all, it pays to be mindful of the right for differing opinions.

Forget the ‘me’ and focus on the ‘team.’

It’s always about earning the trust of you staff, and coworkers. In the lead up to a crisis situation, understand that time you spend getting to know your workers can bring help bring about problem resolution much quicker: take time to get to know one another.

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